Custom-Built business Computers

Why Buy a Custom-Built Business Desktop?

  • The "Name-Brand" Problem
    • Name-brand computers use generic parts from various manufacturers, at the most minimum quality.
    • Costs are inflated to cover large corporate overhead and advertising budgets.
    • You are forced to deal directly with the brand (Dell, HP, etc.) for warranty repair and service.
    • *NO* upgrade options during your warranty period without buying a new computer
  • How We're Different | "Built-To-Budget"
    • We handpick the best components to meet the needs of your build.
    • Home-based business cuts the unnecessary overhead, resulting in a lower cost computer.
    • We handle *all* of your first year warranty repair issues directly with the vendor, so you don't have to.
    • We'll handle any upgrade, any time, even if we didn't build it.

The Cold-Hard Truth About Business PCs

Custom Business PCs may not be the best looking, biggest, or shiniest computers on the market.  The truth is that very few, if any, businesses can get their work done without a PC. Even the smallest business and up-and-comers need to reach an audience and established their social media presence.  Here's some facts to keep in mind:

  • Business PCs do not need to take up your precious workspace
    • Many case options are small form-factor, because a standard business PC does not need the extra hardware that home users and gamers crave.  Many of these smaller PCs fit right in mounted under a surface, or attractively on a desk top.
  • Business PCs do not need hugely expensive components and are not resource hungry
    • Let's face it, we'd all like to watch NetFlix and play games at work.  The reality is that there is work to be done, so you can rest assured that costs can be kept low because the demand for multimedia-intensive applications is not needed.  Simple is as simple does!
  • There are business options for extreme usage and requirements
    • Professional photographers with processing power and storage demands aren't forgotten about.  A business PC shouldn't be on your worry list when it comes to meeting the requirements of your business.  You've got enough on your hands!

What Type of Computer Do I Need? 

  • "Standard"
    Email, Internet, Invoicing, Microsoft Office, and common day-to-day internet usage.
    Examples:  Administrative/Receptionist

  • "Medium"
    Increased usage, daily backups of data, some light photo work (non-professional).
    Examples: Real Estate, Insurance, Hospitality and Restaurants

  • "Heavy"
    Demanding tasks, fast performance, ample storage.
    Examples: Graphic designers, programmers, web developers, professional photography and videography (e.g. wedding planners)

  • "Extreme"
    Can tackle any task, lightning fast performance, networked storage solutions, the best technology to-date.
    Examples:  Professional movie and video production, 3D and visual art design, home network servers.

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