our offered services

PC Desktop & Laptop Service and Repair

  • Complete Service Options:  No job is too big or too small.  We can fix or replace any software or hardware component that is troubling you, on your schedule, always backed up by our guarantee.
  • Computer Diagnostics and Clean-up:  We will evaluate your PC and ensure that it's running at the best performance possible.  Within a very short turn-around time, we will check for any harmful software and troublesome errors, then advise you on the next steps taken to help ensure nothing important is removed and all data is preserved.
  • Upgrades and Consultations:  There are nearly an infinite number of upgrade options for computers, some of which may not be the best solution for your machine.  Let us help you navigate the sea of options by offering you an affordable personalized solution to meet your needs and concerns.
  • Virus, SpyWare, AdWare and Malware Removal:  We've all heard those names before and let's face it, none of us want to sleep at night knowing that our data, personal and financial information, and more might be at risk while hostile software runs rampant on your computer.  We'll be happy to exterminate the bugs, and to make sure they don't come back with preventative measures in place so you can rest easy knowing you'll be protected from the web's most dangerous threats.

Mac Desktop & Laptop Service

  • Simple Hardware Service Options:  Mac service is available for slightly more specific options than their PC cousins.  Med City TechWorks can repair or replace simple components such as failed memory (RAM) and hard drives.
  • Complete Diagnostic and Software Service:  Med City TechWorks can help install, setup, and remove any software product for your Mac, including those causing any issues or errors.
  • Upgrade Service:  Despite popular beliefs, Macs can be upgraded without sending your computer away to Apple or without having to visit an Apple Store.  Let us give you your options based on what model you have, order the parts, and take care of the upgrade for you worry-free (even under warranty).
  • Virus, SpyWare, AdWare and Malware Removal:  There is a myth in the computer world that Macs are completely immune to hostile software threats and viruses.  This is far from the truth, as Macs are just as vulnerable as any other system on the market.  You'll receive the same thorough service that we offer for PCs, and make sure you don't have to worry about the safety of your work and your information.

Home and Business Networking

  • Advice, Setup, and Troubleshooting:  With decades of professional experience managing small home networks to elaborate military systems, we can advise you on which networking solution (wired or wireless) will work best for your needs.  We'll help you pick the parts, perform the optimal setup, and help with any issues or errors you encounter.  Need a simple network for home?  Looking for a 20+ PC network setup for your business?  Let us know!


  1. Complete an online service request using our links, or call us for a personalized solution.
  2. We will schedule the best time and date with you, and arrive at your location to pick up the equipment in need of repair.  
  3. Please have the equipment unplugged and ready for transport prior to arrival.
  4. The equipment will be brought to Med City TechWorks.
  5. We will diagnose the equipment and send an estimate to you.
  6. Once you agree, we will proceed with the repair and send an invoice upon completion. 
  7. We will contact you once the job is completed and schedule the best time for delivery on your schedule.
  8. You may either pay online with a credit card or bank account, or at the time of delivery using a credit card or cash.


Why pay on-site service rates?  We'll take care of everything!

  • Within Rochester City:
    • You are not charged extra for pickup and delivery.
  • Outside of greater Rochester (within 30 miles):
    • Tier 1 labor rates once the technician leaves the office and arrives at your home or business.  
    • After the PC is picked up, you are only charged for the repair process (associated labor costs), not transport back to Med City TechWorks.